Tuesday, April 28, 2009

St. Adalbert's Church - Cleveland, OH

St. Adalbert's Church is probably the most under-rated piece of church architecture in Cleveland. Dedicated in 1912, at a cost of $60,000 (approx. $1,500,000. today) it is the quintessential neighborhood church ... humanly-scaled with interesting style. Defined as modified-romanesque, St. Adalbert's is best appreciated in person. 

Designed by my favorite church architect, William P. Ginther, St. Adalbert's twin-sister can be seen at St. Joseph's Church in Ashtabula, OH.  Apparently, Mr. Ginther, a very prolific church architect from Akron, OH, would re-use a design ... but never more than two times.

St. Adalbert's is scheduled to close in 2010. My hope is that another congregation will take over this gem.

St. Adalbert's Church | 2347 East 83rd Street | Cleveland, OH 44104

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  1. After doing a search about William Ginther I came across your blog. It may interest you to know that St. Peter's Catholic Church in Mansfield, Ohio, is preparing to celebrate the centenary of the construction of our present church building -- designed by William Ginther. If you know of any more information about Mr. Ginther than is contained in the Cleveland Landmarks web pages, I'd be grateful to hear from you at johnson.bill@stpeters.tld.pvt.k12.oh.us

    Thank you,

    Bill Johnson
    Director of Music & Liturgy
    Chair of the Centennial Steering Committee
    St. Peter's Catholic Church