Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Change of Heart

I had prepared the above photos (from the Cleveland Memory Project) for a much different post. A post that focused on the loss to the City of Cleveland's church architecture with the closing of St. Colman's Church. ... Well, all has changed.

It has been announced that Bishop Lennon has decided to reverse his decision on the closing of St. Colman's Church and St. Ignatius of Antioch Church ! More on his decision can be read here. The report also contains a letter from Bishop Lennon explaining his change of mind as well as his expectations for the parishes now that he has decided not to close them.

I am thankful for the change of heart by Bishop Lennon ... if only we could have saved a few more.


  1. I suspect people might finally be learning how to react in situations like this. Far too often, in the past, disgruntled parishioners would have hissy fits, instead of politely trying to make their case. Too often, they've tried to challenge the fact that bishops have acted completely within their rights and responsibilities. That never worked. Negotiation and constructive planning are a whole different matter.
    Good work.