Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Once Grand ... Now, Abandoned and Forgotten.

In a previous post (March 22), I showed an image of the interior of the abandoned St. Joseph Byzantine Catholic Church in Cleveland, OH. I referred to this church as an "abandoned treasure." I had no idea of what a TRUE treasure this building was — until I was sent an old photograph of the interior. I breaks my heart that this once grand building has been reduced to its current state.

Other current photographs of St. Joseph's Byzantine Church can be seen here.

I am all for repurposing closed churches (restaurants, condominiums, art gallery) that have be left behind by their congregations ... Anything is better than this. 

Your thoughts ... ?


  1. I couldn't agree more. Anything is better than allowing a once-grand church to deteriorate into the ruin the former St. Joseph is now. There is just NO excuse for allowing that to happen!

    If it can't be used as a church, then let it be used as a concert hall or art gallery (Buffalo has notable ones), or a restaurant (Pittsburgh has a splendid one), or even an apartment complex (again, Buffalo has a beautiful one). But to allow this sort of deterioration to just go on month after month, year after year ... is a sin!

  2. I am a local independent filmmaker and would love to document St. Joes. PLEASE CONTACT ME

  3. where is this place?