Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Taxman Cometh

Churches are exempt from paying property taxes until they are no longer used as churches.

Thus is the conundrum facing the Cleveland Catholic Diocese, and being discussed by Cleveland writer Michael Gill, in an excellent article in the most current issue of Scene Magazine. 

The fear is that the Diocese -- in a mad rush -- will be forced to tear down many churches in order to lower the tax burden on each property. Why? ... Because the taxes will be lower on a "land onlyversus "land and building" property. 

One of my favorite Cleveland Churches -- by one of my favorite local architects (William P. Ginther) -- is in real danger of the wrecking ball ... St. Adalbert's Church on East 83rd. (facade detail from the Scene Magazine article shown above). More on this very unique church by William Ginther in an upcoming post.

St. Adalbert's Church | 2347 East 83rd Street | Cleveland, OH 44104

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