Monday, July 6, 2009

Preservation by Relocation.

Preservation by Relocation ... I like it.

It's the concept of saving a historic building by MOVING it, rather than repurposing it ... Amazing. Brave. Needed.

That's what the Diocese of Buffalo is calling the potential literal moving of St. Gerard's Church in Buffalo, NY to Atlanta, GA.

Check out this blog story. Apparently, they can't build churches fast enough in the South. So, a congregation in Atlanta, GA is interested in purchasing St. Gerard's Church and dismantling it ... stone by stone. According to officials in the Diocese of Buffalo, the prospects of selling the church are "nonexistent" to another congregation ... much less repurpose it.

An estimate for moving the church is $3 million dollars. Big side note ... that's how much they are paying for the new Catholic Church in Grafton, OH that I mentioned in a previous post.

Question to future congregations looking to find, or to build a new church ... How would you rather spend your $3 million dollars?

PHOTO: Sharon Cantillon/The Buffalo News

St. Gerard Church in Buffalo, NY ... Moving to Georgia?

I was turned on to this story from a blogger responding to my post on the closing of St. James Church in Lakewood, OH. The blogger suggested that the church could possibly be sold and moved like St. Gerard's Church in Buffalo, NY. ...

What ?

So, I did a Google search for St. Gerard's Church in Buffalo, NY, and lo and behold, it's a possibility being discussed. (Link to story here.)

As you can guess, there is a lot of controversy regarding the dismantling and moving of this church among those in Buffalo who would like to see the building POTENTIALLY "repurposed" versus those who would like to see the church moved with the GUARANTEE that it would live on in another community.

My vote -- SAVE the building and move it. Otherwise, it may go the way of the wrecking ball.

An amazing story. I wait in anticipation for the outcome.

St. Gerard Church | 1190 E. Delavan Avenue | Buffalo, NY 14215 ... at least for now!

PHOTO: Sharon Cantillon/The Buffalo News