Monday, April 13, 2009

July 25, 2004

I remember the day well. 

It was Sunday morning, July 25, 2004. I traveled down to Carnegie Avenue to attend mass and photograph one of my favorite churches, by one of my favorite church architects (William P. Ginther) -- Holy Trinity-St. Edward's Church. The homily was very different that day. On that day, Father Bob announced that today would be the last mass in the building. And that after communion, he would be removing the communion from the tabernacle and extinguishing the tabernacle candle (see photo above)

The tabernacle candle is ALWAYS lit ... meaning that there is blessed holy communion (the body of Christ) in the tabernacle. In other words, Christ is ALWAYS in this building. At least, that is how it was told to me as a child.

Nothing can prepare you for the moment when you see a priest extinguish that candle. My heart sank. I had a lump in my throat. I had tears in my eyes ... as did all of the other people around me. Christ ... is no longer here. This building is NO LONGER a church. Like most significant loss, you are never the same.

In time, the Diocese removed all of the altars and stained glass windows. However, there is a NEW light at the end of the tunnel. The building was sold, and is in use by another congregation ... their name ... "4 Real Church".

A very thankful Amen.

4 Real Church/Holy Trinity-St. Edward Church | 7211 Carnegie Avenue | Cleveland, OH

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  1. Thank You is the sentiments of our hearts as well. We are blessed to occupy this holy temple and we intend keep the "light" burning and shining.

    Ron Hubbard
    4 Real Church