Monday, July 6, 2009

St. Gerard Church in Buffalo, NY ... Moving to Georgia?

I was turned on to this story from a blogger responding to my post on the closing of St. James Church in Lakewood, OH. The blogger suggested that the church could possibly be sold and moved like St. Gerard's Church in Buffalo, NY. ...

What ?

So, I did a Google search for St. Gerard's Church in Buffalo, NY, and lo and behold, it's a possibility being discussed. (Link to story here.)

As you can guess, there is a lot of controversy regarding the dismantling and moving of this church among those in Buffalo who would like to see the building POTENTIALLY "repurposed" versus those who would like to see the church moved with the GUARANTEE that it would live on in another community.

My vote -- SAVE the building and move it. Otherwise, it may go the way of the wrecking ball.

An amazing story. I wait in anticipation for the outcome.

St. Gerard Church | 1190 E. Delavan Avenue | Buffalo, NY 14215 ... at least for now!

PHOTO: Sharon Cantillon/The Buffalo News


  1. This is a perfect solution, and long overdue in cases like this. There are plenty of growning parishes all over the south who would love something like this, but everyone's been too busy whining and complaining to do anything about it. "Repurposed"? There are too many up there sitting empty already. Besides, as you say, it's more than a building, so I'd rather see them torn down than desecrated in any way.

  2. Buffalo is a city with a wealth of historic churches. Unfortunately, too many of them have gone by the wayside in recent years, and I've seen what has happened with some of them that have either been repurposed only to have the repurposing fail; or just padlocked and left to rot, in some cases for decades. St. Gerard was simply beautiful - why let that beauty go to waste? If it can live on elsewhere, why not? The economy sucks. Local buyers are NOT lining up for these grand structures. Who wants to see pictures of the ones that have just been sitting and rotting for years? This church in particular needs so much work that if someone somewhere else is willing to take it however, and give it the work and rebirth it needs - why not? Otherwise - google Transfiguration Buffalo, Our Lady of Lourdes Buffalo, St. Francis de Sales Buffalo!

  3. ... again, I agree with both of you ... principle will only get you so far when it comes to saving these one-of-a-kind buildings. Principle will not save our ecclesiastical heritage. This is a potential bold move ... exactly what we need in these critical times.

  4. This is a difficult one.. Save it for Historic preservation is the first choice, however, be realistic and look around the area. Who is going to visit this beautiful historic structure. It is in the most unsafe neighborhood in Bflo. although it was once one of the most beautiful and safe neighborhoods. Times change. Even with the protections of Historic designation it will be demolished due to fire, vandilism or neglect. The goal is to save an architecturally significant historic building. To do this take the next best choice, Relocation for preservation. I was raised in this church and received all the scarements here. To watch it deteriorate is a much sadder sight than to see it going on to a new life in Georgia and continue as a Roman Catholic Church. Unless, the tremendous amount of funding can be secured to restore and maintain this building, I will look forward to visiting the Church's new location and it's rebirth serving a parish.

  5. ST Gerard's is not on Leroy AVE. Founded:1902
    St Gerard Parish
    1190 E Delavan Ave
    Buffalo, NY 14215
    Phone: (716) 895-5761 Fax: (716) 895-6311
    A Parish of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo NY
    Respectfully submitted, Marianne who attended St Gerards church & school for most of my young life until moving to the Country!